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Since I got so many questions on IG about Palma, beachclubs, where we stayed ETC let’s do this in english so all of you will understand. I really think Palma is a good place for a summer vacay- of course a bit touristy in the summertime buuut, I think that’s depending on where you stay and what you do. There’s so many ”hidden spots” and good places to visit all around Mallorca if you just do some research. But- actually you don’t have to know since I already did that for you, so here you go. 😉 Best places to visit when in Palma Lovisa Barkman edition:

Beach clubs:
Mhares Sea Club
Puro Beach Illetas
Nassau Beach Club
Roxy Beach Club Portals
Gran Folie

Gran Melia de mar (where we stayed, close to Illetas 10 min with car from Palma)
Sant Francesc Hotel Singular
Can Bordoy Grand House & Garden 

Cap Rocat (also hotel)
Il Paradiso
Bahia Mediterraneo
La Perla
Belmond La Residencia in Deia (also hotel)
Agro-Boutique Hotel & Restaurant Cas Xorc
Forn de Sant Juan
Cappuccino for lunch/drink
Ca’s Patro March for beach lunch 

Coctail bars:
Cuba Rooftop
El Neo
Cafe Atlantico

Cala Pi
Cala Llombars
Cap Falco
Es Trenc Beach
Cala Mayor Beach


I have not visited them all myself yet, since we had to cancel some restaurants because of bad weather etc. But I really want to and they are one my list for future Mallorca trips!

Good to know:

I have stayed in the city center, the port, and old town of Palma but I really prefer to stay a bit outside, closer to the beach. Our hotel this time was located close to Illetas and by the sea. 10 min with car to Palma and a very nice, calm neighborhood. Really liked it. The hotel is pricy but really good. We only visited one beach club since it was soooo nice to stay at the hotel. And that should be a really good rate ha? When you don’t even want to leave the hotel hehe!

Taxi is cheap but some times, hard to get. We had to wait 1,5 hour one time when we booked since the taxi line were soooo long. So book in time and be in time- we almost missed our dinner because of the long taxi queue one day.

In the summer season there is a lot of people there so BOOK everything. It’s very hard to get a table at a nice restaurant or sunbed at a beach club if you don’t book days in advance. This is also for lunch. So- plan your trip if you want to get out the most of it.

I have not done it myself but it would be really nice to rent a car and see more of Mallorca. I think it’s really beautiful ”on the other side” of the island (from Palma). I really want to go to Deia next time, looks amazing.

As always, be aware of pickpockets and staff stealing. We lost around 300 euros at the Gran Folies beach club and I am 99% sure that the staff there stole it. Very very saaaadly since we had a great day there until that incident happened. Also spent a lot of money there AND gave them a lot of ”publicity” on my social media… A nice place, but feels a bit wrong for me to promote it since that happened.

WELL- a nice place! Blue water, blue sky (most of the time) and a lot of things to see and do.

Feel free to fill in with a comment of your own recommendations below,

Enjoy your trip if you decide to go! And please give this post a like if you want me to do more guides like this. 

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