Innenhåller annonslänkar//contain adlinks to Wakakuu. Yellow Rodebjer dress // Yellow Zimmermann dress with pattern // Toteme Swimsuit // ATP Sandals // Black Khatie Dress // White Toteme Denim jacket // Little Liffner Bag // White Wakakuu dress // 


Innehåller annonslänkar//contain adlinks. Sweatshirt // Shorts // Face mask // Anine Bing top // Quai hairmask // Top // Shorts // Nuori comb // Lipbalm //


Innehåller annonslänk//contain adlinks. White COS shorts // Barbara Strum SPF drops // Arket flower platter // White Hermes sandals // Toteme twisted seam jeans // Arket towelling tshirt // RayBans 


Innehåller annonslänkar//contain adlinks. Light yellow bikini briefs – top // Oversized yellow striped poplin shirt // Yellow beautiful bikini from Palmiza // Honey mask (loved it) If green has been my color for march and april, yellow is my color for may and summer! Got two beautiful bikinis and a shirt. Can’t wait for warmer days […]