Swimsuit. (adlink) Beach club: Gran Folies

Long time no see. Since I started my new “workout” account on IG I have not been blogging at all. Anyhow, I decided to give it a try again but maybe this time in english. Soo many of you want me to write more in english so maybe I should. You have to know I am not the best at it, but it’s always good to practice. Now when I have my other account which is much more personal/funny/myself in swedish I think maybe this is the way to go? Well, let me know what you think. 🤔

Feels good to be back here hehe. Missed it. Sometimes I feel like I just should quit blogging but I guess I can’t, been doing it for way tooo many years. I will do it my way, and with that I mean – when I want to. Now I have a lot of pictures and feel inspired to do some moodboards, collages, etc so I will do a lot of them today.


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