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Tights // Cashmere knit // Cashmere scarf // Vintage New Balance from 2ndhandvintage // (they also have new very similar here) // Coat from 12storeez // Similar budget version from H&M here //


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Sneakers // Wool knit // Knitted polo grey // Knitted polo taupe // Grey flannel shirt // Beanie 

There is sooo many asking for a boyfriend gift guide for christmas, I will try to fix one until friday. But until then I thought I could show you some of my boyfriend latest shopping. Everything he bought was sooo nice and I will steal the wool sweater. He got such a great taste;).


Knit. This one is unisex, organic raw material etc. And just amazing for both me and him. HEHE.

Everything he bought this time was from Filippa K and since so many of you are against Black Week I thought I’d share what they wrote on their website.

Fashion is already one of the highest polluting industries in the world, and Black Friday only adds to this by encouraging people to buy more things they don’t need. The best way to break this pattern is to be thoughtful about what you buy – investing in pieces you know will last. Our mission as a brand is mindful consumption: designing clothes with timeless style and quality that you can wear and love for longer. When the industry goes fast this Black Friday, we’re choosing to go slow. We hope you join us.”

I thought I was such a statement and just something to really support. 🙂

Taupe sneakers // Navy sneakers. I saw that they are available in black for women as well, I really like them.

And until I do my next giftguide, check out this post I made one month ago, I’m sure you can get some inspo from it as well!

Ok, happy gift shopping. Please let me know if you want me to show more men’s clothes here. <3

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Mosaique au 24 platinum

New in! This has been on my wishlist since forever. We finally got a pair and this will be my thing to collect. I think it’s nice to collect on porcelain and to buy something from the same series every year or so. <3