This post contain adlinks. Furry shirt // Black top // Beige polo set // Grey tshirt // Resistance band // Yoga mat // Water bottle // White bra // Nike shorts // Ribbed hoodie // Scrunchies // Cap //  What I like to wear and use these stay at home days. Also made a shop […]


Innehåller reklamlänkar//this post contain adlinks. Jeans // Bandeu top // Handcream // Bag // Shirt // Knit // Blue bag // Coat // Trousers // Bag // White dress // Shoes // Sunglasses  I never liked navy blue before but now I’m obsessed. It looks so fresh for spring and I think the best way […]

SNAPSHOTS pink edit

This post contain adlinks//reklamlänkar. Home workouts! Fresh flowers on a rainy day. My fav oil/ hair product.  Find my brush here.  It’s THE BEST ONE EVER!! Vase (it’s not a vase but I like to use it as that hehe) Vitamins! Cleaning / organizing. Bought so many things for my dog hehe. She is moving […]


Innehåller annonlänkar//adlinks. Beige blazer // Ribbed crop top // Capri pants // Square toe heels // Bag // Earrings //  Trenchcoat // Tights // Khaki top // Sneakers // Bag // Byredo //