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Toteme Coat // Arket Sweatshirt // Monki Jeans // YSL BELT

Simple everyday look but I love every piece in it. I had the coat for over 4 years and still love and use it often. I love the model so I have it in black and taupe as well. Sweatshirt is from Arket and I just love it. Nothing special, a black plain sweatshirt but the quality is so good! I have been washing it many many times and it’s still so soft and looks like new. I have size XS, there are a few left so be quick! Jeans from Monki, very oversized so recommend you to size down (I wear size 24). Sneakers and bag from Chanel!

  1. Got a sweater and also the Celine sneakers you recommended, thank you! 😀 Do you think it will look good with tight grey jeans too?

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