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  1. Black Soft Goat cashmere knit 
  2. White Arket Shirt.  
  3. Black Arket Sweatshirt 
  4. Filippa K Karlie trousers
  5. Wolford leggings 
  6. Wolford stockings (quality++)
  7. Basic top (I have two superold ones from Toteme but they don’t sell them any more, but very similar to this model from Wardrobe NYC. 
  8. COS t-shirt 
  9. I always and only use black Hanky Panky lace panties 
  10. Hanky Panky bra 

Not the pieces you think of- but the pieces you need and use the most! Just wanted to share some of my basic favorites that I use very often and need as a base!

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