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I’ve updated my closet for spring a bit (or a lot) with some good basics so thought I’d share it with you. You know I really like white shirts, it’s something I always wear when I have 0 inspo but want to look good. This one is my favourite , but I felt I needed some more really clean ones to always have ready to wear etc. Bought a new plain white and one linen, so nice for summer!


If you are looking for the perfect everyday, casual suit pants- you have the chance to buy them on Sunday. Peonias spring collection is launching 18.00 on sunday! Everything is in the sizes XXS-XXL. On the picture I’m wearing size XS, but I think I will go for a XXS instead. Take a bigger size if you want them to be stretchy and loose but for a tighter fit in the waist- size down. I really love them – they are SO comfy. <3



Guess you’ve seen I’m obsessed with trenchcoats lately. I Think it’s the perfect spring jacket. Found this short one and felt I NEEDED it. You never need something, but really wanted it. It will look amazing with the beige dress for Peonias as well.


Another Peonias fav of mine! It’s simple but yet so perfect. I never know what to wear when I go out for dinner/drinks. Always want to wear black, look good but still feel comfortable. I guess you also know the feeling when you’ve decided to wear something extra/something you don’t feel comfortable in and the only thing you can think of all night is that you want to go home ang change haha… This will never happen with this top. Yep I will wear it every dinner ever.


Well hello. How perfect is this? Available in black as well, but I acctually went for the navy instead. Thought it would be nice for summer. I want to wear this with an open white shirt over + converse. Or like this with heels + blazer. Of course you can wear it separate as well!


Las but not least. The perfect square toe heels! Extremely comfortable as well.

So what do you think? I  got a bit crazy but I really think it’s good pieces that I will use for a long time. When I shop I also always clear my closet. Only want to have things I love and use a lot.

Also bought some things from Misha again, a brand in Australia. Really nice things but the customs fee are SO high from there. Very expensive… Always regret it when I get the fee after…

  1. Hur tycker du att setet från Filippa K är i storlek? Jag är mellan två storlekar och undrar om jag ska size up eller down

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