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Ok let’s do a hair story- this was way to long to write on instagram so here we go.

I always had really really long and thick hair. My natural hair color is brown. I colored/bleached my hair a lot from I was a teenager to early 20’s and the quality got sooo bad. I lost a lot of hair and after some time I had to cut of maybe 20 cm. Nothing helped and I really hated how my hair looked so I started with extensions (I first tried Hairtalk, then changed to Richy Hair). I had it in for maybe 2,5 year or so.

It was good because I could let my hair rest. I did not style it at all for some months and only used really good, clean and natural products. (Without sulfate and silicon). I took hair vitamins from Priorin for 6 months and saw a big difference. During this time I started to only use The Dyson Airwrap as well. Never used any other heat on my hair.

I took out all extensions 2 years ago or so. My hair was much thicker and had grown out a lot. No one ever realised I took them out because my hair looked exactly the same haha. When I took it out I started with rice water one time a week, (google it or check this youtube video to learn more).

I also did a lot of scalp treatments and I also used K18 for 2 moths after every shower at this time. It all helped A LOT! At this time I also was very strict with pure celery juice first thing every day. I drank celery juice every day for almost a year and my skin got so clear, my hair got so long and I just felt really good overall.

If you want to change your hair for real, you have to understand that you have to let it rest. You can not have pretty styled hair all the time, you can not wash it several times a week and you should not bleach it. It took years for me to get it back! If you really want a change; take some time ”off” and just let it be. It will be worth it!

I am very happy with my hair now and I do take good care of it.

  • My hair is brown natural but get’s blonder in the sun during summer. Always darker in the wintertime but this year I also made a toner a bit darker than usual.
  • My hairdresser is Emma at Bangerhead in Stockholm.
  • The cut is solid and even layers at the back because I like thick ends also got framing layers in the front.
  • I bleach my outgrow with baby highlights 1-2 times a year. I don’t do highlights in all my hair anymore but I have old highlights in my hair.
  • My hairdresser say the name of the colors are: ”baby highlights bleached with soft golden/pastelblonde/vanilla tone over”
  • I cut it every 3-4 month.
  • I have a long hair routine and I eat supplements from time to time. I don’t feel like I need it all the time but whenever I feel my hair needs it I start for a month or something to give it a boost haha.
  • I wash my hair maximum 2 times a week.
  • I try not to use dry schampo, if I do- I use this one.
  • I ALWAYS style it with the Dyson Airwrap or get a blow dry on a hair salon. The Airwrap is so much better for your hair than other hair tools, less damage and heat.
  • I do oil treatments from time to time- not so much any more but any natural oil before hair wash is good.
  • I don’t do ricewater any more because I don’t need to but used to.
  • I always use one scrub, minimum two different schampos (detox schampo at least one time a week), hairmask and conditioner.
  • Always end every shower with icecold water.
  • Then I use scalp, leave in conditioner, hair oil, some typ of serum and heat protection after I wash it.
  • I sleep on silk pillow sheet.
  • I always and only use Mason Person hairbrush (only brush I have used the last 10 years though)


My favorite hair products at the moment:


Schampo 1 (detox or scrub)
OUAI detox scampo // Cleansing paste //Rahua Scalp Exfoliating schampo // Christophe Robin Hydrating Cream Scrub With Aloe Vera // Scalp DX Scaling Shampoo

Schampo 2 favorites:
Lenor Greyl // Dr. Barbara Sturm Anti-Hair Fall Shampoo // Ouai medium schampo // Christophe Robin Volumizing Shampoo With Rose Extracts // 

Dr Barbara Strum Repair Mask // Lenor Greyl Jasmin hairmask // Ouai treatment mask // Oribe Signature Moisture Masque

Lenor Greyl conditioner // Dr Babara Strum // Ouai Medium Conditioner // Christophe Robin Volumizing Conditioner With Rose Extracts 

Fav hair products:
OUAI leave in // Christophe Robin Hydrating Leave In Mist With Aloe Vera //  Augustinus Bader The Scalp Treatment // Dr Barbara Strum Scalp Treatment // OUAI heat protection spray // Augustinus Bader hairoil // 

I also love everything from Olaplex, Kerastase, Sachajuan and Agustinus Bader.

But I like to use the same prodcuts for a while, then change because I feel I get more effect from them. And remember, what works for me might not work for you. You have to try what works for you. This worked for me and I love all products above- but everything is very individual.

My hair is very dry and I have wavy/curly hair natural. I have a lot of volume in it to so that is also ”natural”.

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