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Marville Road jacket // Marville Road jeans // Meotine jacket // LouLou studio dress // Custommade boots // LouLou tshirt // YSL sunglasses // Grey Bottega bag // YSL heels // Candle //

White LouLou poloknit // YSL jacket (most iconic one ever) Grey COS Store trousers // Black COS top // Agent Provocateaur bra // YSL bag // LouLou blazer // COS leather trousers // 

  1. Would you buy the YSL le 5 a 7 for yourself? Do you think it’s worth the investment and nice to have? Do you think this one is going to become out of style soon? I’m thinking of buying one for myself but I’m wondering what you think since I love your style so much 🙂 thank you!

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