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I samarbete med Reviderm // Innehåller reklamlänkar.

You know I love skincare and to try new products. I went to a clinic in Stockholm this week to get a treatment and skin consultation with Reviderm. A brand I never tried before but it seems so good. They have so many products so it can be hard to know what to pick for your skin. If you want to go for a treatment to find out your skin type like I did, the code REVIDERM20 gives you 20% off all Reviderm treatments at Linne Hudklinik. Ord price 650-850 SEK. Book by emailing

I have very sensitive skin, especially now in the fall. I will keep you posted about my favorite products when I’ve tried them for a while. But a product I got an instant result of was this one: Calming Silver Spray.

You need it in your life! You can use it anytime you feel your skin needs some extra love, I had some irritation in my skin/it was red etc and it disappeared SO quick. Insane! You can use it over make-up, or before going to bed or anytime you like.

So excited to see what these products can do for my skin, they are all very natural. I really prefer natural ingredients in my beauty products.

Reviderm is for example very  good for acne, rosacea, scars, high sensitivity and dryness. My skin gets dry, red and very sensitive now in the fall so I am so excited to do this SKIN JOURNEY with them and see what Reviderm can help my skin with.

Going to update you in a while again but this is the products I am trying right now:


1. Neuro Sensitive De-Stress Cleanser // 2. Neuro Sensitive De-Stress Toner // 3. Eye C Perfection // 4. Hydro2 Infusion Serum 5. Day Creame: Pycnogenol® OPC Cream // 6. Night Cream: Neuro Sensetive De Stress Cream 


  1. Peptide Line Lift Mask (loooove this one, I sleep with it sometimes too) 2. Enzyme Peeling Liquid + 3. Enzyme Peeling Paste , I use it 2 times a week. So gentle but still very good.

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