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Let’s talk some beauty! Just wanted to share some recent beauty favs of mine since I love posts like this myself. Enjoy!

As shower gel I really love this one (more budget) from Other Stories (scent is amaaazing) and Le Gel from Chanel. 

My all time fav dry schampoo! This and this is my best budget options.

Glossy lips! A classic: Clarins, also love this from Sensai and the new lipstick from Hermes. (I don’t think you can find them online, only in store)

Pre cleanse balm: Elemis, then the gel cleanser by Wishtrend. Love them both! GREAT combo. Also been using this cleanser from Adesso lately.

My lovely Estee Lauder combo. <3 Best serum in the world and this really luxury cream is amazing. They have a cheaper cream that also is a great combo for the serum, this one. Two great ”budget options” if you want something really good that I  like too: Dr Ceruacle serum and cream. Highly recommend!!

Body lotion from Byredo (love the scent Blanche and Bal d’Afrique) and my fav budget option from ACO.

Oskia favs! Exfoliator and night cream.

Two face masks I loooove. One with PHA from Exuviance and this one from Sensai is perfect to sleep with when you have really dry skin.

Favs from my hair: Continu Heat Protection, Sachajuan leave in conditioner and Olaplex oil. Great combo! As you know I also use the Olaplex schampoo (and nr 3 etc)

Love this Kerastase hairmask now when I have more highlights in my hair.

My fav perfumes atm: Jo Malone Midnight Musk & Amber and Byredo Lil Fleur 

Selahatin toothpaste. 

Paulas Choice face toner. You need this one, as good as they say!!!

Things I bring in my bag: Mason Pearson brush, Twilly balm, Chanel perfume spray and Hello Mantle calm balm.

Diptyque hand soap. 

SPF 50 from Dr. Ceuracle. 

I love to try new things and I do it all the time. But this is my recent favs. Of course I use and mix with other products as well but just wanted to give you my best recommendations right now. I tried to find the best offer for each product right now. Hope you got some inspo! <3

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