This post is in paid collaboration with Chiquelle. Code BARKMAN20 gives you 20% off for 5 days. (august 20-25)

Full collection-
I was thinking this is a good set up for ”hauls”- I can write in english and the clothes+links are available longer since you always can go back to a blogpost! Many of you asked about fall clothes in the lower price range- so her you go! Really like the knitted quality of the Chiquelle clothes even if it’s more budget- and even better price with my code of course.

White set.
One of my all time favs from C is this set. LOVE it. I had my old one for maybe 3 years? Best cosy set to wear at home. Available in many many colours. I wear size XS and it’s normal in size.

Same in black! But comes in many different nude/beige tones as well.

Cosy cardigan! So in to cardigans this fall! This one is available in 10 more colours.

How much do we love this dress? Perfect for fall!! And it’s so comfy!

Cute top! 


Skirt // Top. Such a great outfit for the pre fall when it’s still pretty warm outside. Love it! Comes in a more nude colour, black etc.

Hope you liked the clothes as much as I do, let me know if you have any further sizing questions etc. Don’t forget the code BARKMAN20 that gives you 20% off everything.

<Happy shopping.

XX Lovisa

  1. Du har blivit så smal och förlorat alla dina former. Din kropp ser ut som en pojkes. Hoppas du äter ordentligt och att dina unga följare inte apar efter.

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