Pics from when she was five weeks old <3 

I am so so soooo happy to finally write this post haha! This is our dog!!! I have been wanting a dog my whole life and now I finally felt it was time. For many this age might be too early but I have been doing a LOT of things over the years, moved to my first apartment very early when I was still in school, have been traveling a lot… Might sound a bit boring but I feel I’m ready to ”settle down” a bit hehe. You know I like to stay home at weekends, just do my everyday stuff and things like that. With our new apartment, our work situation (we both work from home mostly), we just felt like now was the perfect timing for a dog.

We really have time for a dog and she will be with me all day, everyday. So she will never be lonely for many hours. 🙂

This is actually my boyfriends, partens, dogs puppy. They kept one too, so my little baby will get to see her mum and sister all the time. That feels so amazing! We hang out a lot and live very close to each other so it is sooo easy. Can’t wait for them all to play together all the time at family dinners etc.

I saw her the first time when she was only 3 hours old!!! I have been spending a lot of time with all the puppies at their place lately so feels like I already know her. I know she will bring us so much joy and I will do EVERYTHING for her. Can’t wait for our morning walks together.

TWO WEEKS left until she moves in today!!! <3

  1. Gud vad söt och så kul! Är själv så sugen på att skaffa hund, känns som det är perfekt tillfälle att skaffa det nu. Måste bara säga så härligt att följa dig dessa år och se hur lycklig du är nu ✨

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