Desk // Chair  (lamp vintage) As you know the apartment is far from done. I just got my desk and I think it turned out so good. I’ve also ordered two big mirrors to have here above inside the framework. 🙂 New curtains are coming in the end of this month, going to remove the carpet […]

NEW IN x 2

Innehåller en annonslänk//contain one adlink. Two black new in from this weekend. One for me and one for the apartment. Love this dress from Toteme. I think it’s so elegant and stylish. The vase is from Swedish Nature Collaboration. So beautiful!


I have been shopping a lot of nice vintage stuff lately. I think it’s so much fun to find unique and old stuff. Gives the home a better feeling when you mix new and old. <3 My favs for vintage lamps/other stuff: Ruby Atelier, Studio Laurin, Bukowskis, Auktionet, Art n Deco.


We have been so lazy at home for the past months but now we got in the mood to fix everything. The apartment is far from done but no I’ve been ordering sooo many things hehe. Details, art, new plants etc. Also going to build some things!


Innehåller en annonslänk till Åhlens och Mateus Plates // New in from my fav brand. I have so many things from Mateus and some of them is maybe 10 years old now. Love that you can mix and match different things from them :). My fav colour is sand and cinnamon. Also have a lot […]