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Furry shirt // Black top // Beige polo set // Grey tshirt // Resistance band // Yoga mat // Water bottle // White bra // Nike shorts // Ribbed hoodie // Scrunchies // Cap // 

What I like to wear and use these stay at home days. Also made a shop with many more favourites- check it out HERE.


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Jeans // Bandeu top // Handcream // Bag // Shirt // Knit // Blue bag //

Coat // Trousers // Bag // White dress // Shoes // Sunglasses 

I never liked navy blue before but now I’m obsessed. It looks so fresh for spring and I think the best way to match is – like above. With a brown bag, darkblue jeans, a white shirt!!! Need it, like it, want it!

SNAPSHOTS pink edit

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Home workouts!
Fresh flowers on a rainy day.

My fav oil/ hair product.  Find my brush here.  It’s THE BEST ONE EVER!!

Vase (it’s not a vase but I like to use it as that hehe)


Cleaning / organizing.

Bought so many things for my dog hehe. She is moving in next week!

Since many of you asked: The lip pencil I use // The lipgloss // 


In collaboration with

Set //

Next week I will be doing 3 livestreams at’s IG. I will be showing you my morning routine, my night routine and one outdoor activity. I’ve collected all my fav- stay at home looks here.

I love to make the most of the days home. Wear comfy clothes, do home workouts, make good food etc. In my shop you find everything you need for that. Collected some beauty favs, workout gear etc. Shop something nice to wear while you watch my live’s next week! <3

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